On Friday evening, September 8th, we received a call from the adoption coordinator of a county shelter that they had an 8 year old male who needed to be rescued. On Saturday morning, we picked him up and immediately took the filthy, matted boy to our groomers. Our groomers named him Louie and he was later brought to PSSR. On Sunday morning Louie seemed quiet, but this is not unusual for a new dog who just arrived. By mid-afternoon it was apparent that Louie was not feeling well. Within a very short time, he physically collapsed and was rushed to the emergency CARE Center.


Upon arriving, it was obvious that Louie was knocking on heavens door. Since we had no medical history on him, countless tests had to be run. It was finally determined that Louie has pancreatitis and pneumonia. The Vets told us he had a 50/50 chance of surviving, but we all agreed to give him 24 hours. On Monday, he had improved a slight bit, so we decided to continue his treatment.

As of this writing, Louie has spent five days in CCU where he has received 24/7 medical care. He continues to improve each day and is finally able to get up and walk around, but tires very quickly. We have discussed with our regular vets about moving Louie to their hospital, but they feel he still needs the 24 hour care, so he will remain at the CARE center.

Along with his recovery comes a very hefty medical bill which has hit thousands of dollars. Some rescues would have chosen to end his life, but Cathy and I feel differently. We look at each furkid that enters PSSR as one of our own. What would you do if he was your furkid? We don't know how we are going to pay for his medical expenses, as they keep climbing each minute. Our supporters have always come through for us when we have been in a situation like this and we pray it happens again.

If you would like to contribute to the "Louie Fund" please send your tax deductible donation, marked for Louie , to:

Precious Secrets Sheltie Rescue
6690 Hamilton Road
Middletown, Ohio 45055-9310

September 14, 2007
I stopped to see Louie again before going to work. Every day there seemed to be a small improvement. When I walked in, he still just laid there. When I knelt down to open his crate down, this time he stood up. I was shocked. When I opened the door to pet him, he pushed the door open, walked out onto the floor. When I sat down next to him, with tears in my eyes, he climbed into my lap. Today, for the very first time, I know Louie will be carried out of the CARE alive. I can't wait to bring him home!!

Friday September 21, 2007
Louie has been home a week and doing great. Two weeks ago he was almost dead. Today he is running around the back yard like a young pup. He truly is a miracle. Whomever adopts this special little guy will be getting a true gem who will follow them everywhere.

February 2008
After spending a total of $6,000 on Louie, he was finally well enough to be adopted. Louie wants to thank everyone who donated to his vet bills. Without you, he wouldn't have been alive and living in PA with his two Mom's and his two fursisters!

Our brave sweet boy

Little Louie, special friend
You loved us to the very end.
Bright eyed boy with loving heart
You were special from the start.
Your smiling face and happy bark
Pranced happily into our heart.

Bouncing boy, full of love,
You were sent from heaven above.
Bugs and sounds and flashing lights,
These things made you bark with fright.
Balls and Frisbees those you loved,
Spinning, barking, oh, such fun!

Love and joy and happiness
Our life with you was truly blessed.
Now we say goodbye, our little friend,
Our love for you will never end.
Go find Maddie, run and play,
We’ll be together again someday.

Written for Wee Widdle Woo by his Mama

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