Listed below are missing Shelties. If you see one of them, please contact us immediately (513-336-0559). The faster we can react, the better chance we have of reuniting them with their family. If you see any stray Shelties, but are unable to catch ihim or her, also call us. There are rescue groups throughout the USA and we can have someone on it within minutes.

If you have a LOST PET and would like that pet's information posted on our website, email Pam at secret1@fuse.net and BE SURE to include the following information in your email:

  1. Sex
  2. Age
  3. Color of Sheltie
  4. Spayed/Neutered?
  5. Date Lost
  6. Where lost (city/state)
  7. How the dog got loose
  8. Collar color
  9. Micro-chipped?
  10. Owner's Name
  11. Email address
  12. Phone numbers (with area code)

You are also encouraged to attach a photo of your lost Sheltie in your email. The faster we receive ALL your information, the faster we can help in searching for him/her.

Bandit has been missing since May 2012 in Indiana. He was on a walk when he was approached by a large dog, got scared, pulled out of his collar and took off running. All attempts to find him have failed. Bandit was adopted from IN Sheltie Rescue years ago, he is now 9 years old, weighs 15 pounds and is a trained agility dog. He is microchipped, so ownership would be easy to prove. There is a nice reward for his return or for any information leading to his safe return. If you know where Bandit is, call the number listed on the ad or email bealsem@gmail.com

Age - Age 3 "Speckles"
Color of Sheltie- Mahogany Sable
Spayed/Neutered? - She is not spayed
Date Lost- 3-23-13
Where lost (city/state)- Hocking County, Ohio
How the dog got loose- Ran off while hiking after something
Collar color- Purple
Micro-chipped?- Yes
Owner's Name- Tammy Brady
Email address- allanahlane@aol.com
Phone numbers (with area code) 740-207-0323 Laney, and Tammy -614-256-4156

Zoe is a 12 year old Tri Color Sheltie.  She ran away from our vacation home in Tuxedo, NC (Henderson County) on July 18, 2012 during a thunderstorm.  She was seen until the next day but we have no confirmed sightings since then.  We feel that someone has taken her in and either haven't seen our many signs and posters or don't want to.  She is prone to seizures and requires medication.  She was not wearing a collar but is microchipped.  She is black, white and tan and weighs approximately 30 pounds.  We are offering a reward for her return. Contact: Nancy Hensley at nmhensley@gmail.com or call 803-261-2659

If you bought this dog (CoCo) at Animal House in Mt. Healthy, he is a stolen pet who was dumped at this pet store by the thief. The store then stole CoCo and refuses to disclose who has him. If you bought CoCo, I beg you to do the right thing and return CoCo to his loving and rightful owner and her daughter. Not only are you in procession of stolen property (as the law sees it), CoCo already has a loving family and wants to go home!! If you contact me, I will get you in touch with the owner. She does not have internet right now, as her family member also stole her computer, so I am doing the internet ads. There is a police report filed for CoCo, so the police and lawyers are already on this case.

If you know who has CoCo, please contact me with his whereabout. I will NEVER disclose who you are. We just want to get CoCo "home". There is a nice reward for his safe return!!!!

Sapphire was visiting relatives in Rossford, OH (Toledo area) when she disappeared out of the yard on 12/25/2011. She is a 5 year old blue merle with brown eyes and was wearing a collar with tags. She lives in Columbus, so she does not know the area. She is very shy, especially of strangers, so will run if approached. If seen, please call Lindsay Anello at 614-284-4832 or 614-284-4830. There is a reward for her safe return, no questions.

Bandy is a 12 year old unneutered male who has been missing since 06/02/11 from the southern area of Miamisburg and the Northern area of Carlisle (near Dayton). He is a bi-black sheltie, but could be mistaken for a Border Collie. He rarely barks, is very shy and timid, so he will probably not come to a person. If seen, please contact his owner at 937-866-9319 (home) or 937-405-9434 (cell) or contact PSSR at 513-336-0559.

Hello my name is Frisco; I am the beloved sheltie of Bryan Childress. I look like lassie. I ran away from my dad on Richard Childress road in Montezuma, NC on December, 08 2010. Please help me find my way back to my daddy.....he misses me so much. He is offering reward for my safe return. I am timid and skittish.

Please contact him when you find me

(828) 733-2752

Sparky was staying with my parents in Oregon, WI on 10/08/10 while we were out of town for a wedding. Sparky got spooked by something, backed out of his collar and took off running. He has been seen several times, and although we rush there, we always arrive too late. Sparky is neutered and is running from people. If seen, please do not chase him. Instead call Amy at 608-225-5502 or email at robandamywoods@charter.net There is a substantial reward for his safe return.

On Friday, April 2, 2010, Ella (who lives in Detroit) was staying with relatives in Amherst, OH, while her owner was out to dinner. Somehow, the window screen come lose and Ella fell out of the second story window. The neighbors saw her running around just fine, but no one was able to catch her. The owner arrived a little while later, but could not find her. Ella was wearing her collar with tags and is microchipped. Ella is shy, so she may run from you. If so, simply follow her from a distance and call the numbers listed. Someone will respond asap. There is a reward for her safe return! Jason (260) 433-2894, Brooke (586) 246-0146, or the owners parents at (440) 984-4715 Steve Sr. or Betty (440) 225-1435 or you can contact PSSR at 513-374-0559.

This 2 year old female sheltie was just adopted on Weds. 01/27/10 from Hamilton County SPCA. She was only at her home a few hours when she bolted out an open door and has not been seen since. Sadly, she was being treated for kennel cough at the shelter, so this makes her contagious to other dogs. On top of this, with this condition and now being outside in the cold, the kennel cough is more app to go into pneumonia. It is very important that we find her fast. She is missing from the Colerain (Pleasant Run) area near Cranbrook and Hamilton Ave, Pippin Rd and Crest Rd. If seen, please contact PSSR at 513-336-0559 or her owner at 513-328-8947

Saphera (or Dopie) is lost in Trenton, Ohio near Babeck Elementary School area. If you see her, please call PSSR at 513-336-0559 or the owner at 513-988-9286, 513-275-2086 or email the owner at mistysummerday@hotmail.com. There is a nice reward for her safe return.!

Ming is a 10 year old bi-black sheltie that has been missing from Middletown, Ohio since Dec. 11th when she simply disappeared out of our yard. We are not sure if someone stole her or if someone let her out of her yard. If you have seen her, or know where she is, please contact PSSR at 513-336-0559 or contact her owner at 513-726-5651 or at sred5@aol.com There is a reward for her safe return or information leading to her safe return.

Richard is 2 years old, neutered and escaped in Proctorville, Ohio on South Court on 11/5/09. He is neutered and is not wearing his collar (he was just bathed). If seen, please contact his owner at 304-690-2556 or at goodvibrationsdjllc@yahoo.com

Tessa is 9 years old and missing in the Troy/Tipp City area (north of Dayton, OH) since Sept. 19, 09. She got loose at a friends house on Peters Rd in the country and does not know the area. If seen, contact Nan at 937-546-0300 or 937-506-2051 or contact PSSR at 513-374-0559.

Kody was stolen out of his double fenced yard on Oct. 14, 2009 in Ambridge, PA near Pittsburgh. The owners got calls about sightings, but when they arrived they never saw him so they are not sure it was him. He is a show dog who holds an Am/Can Championship. If seen, please contact PSSR at 513-336-0559 or his owner at laurelbrass@gmail.com

The owner was gone for the day and her son was caring for Sabrina on April 16, 2009. He let Sabrina outside and walked back inside the house for a few minutes. When he returned Sabrina was gone. Valerie, the owner has gotten a few sightings, but has not been able to get to the area in time. If you have seen Sabrina, please contact Valerie at 513-532-1879, or email her at vgrace123@hotmail.com or contact PSSR at 513-336-0559.

Max has been missing in Columbus, Ohio since 03/19/09 near Grant Hospital. He is a neutered 4 year old who is greatly missed. If seen, please contact Ariel at 614-949-9986, 614-949-7783, alynn_610@yahoo.com or contact PSSR at 513-336-0559.

Shadow was staying with family members while his owners where on vacation. One of the neighbor kids left the gate open and he escaped out of the fenced yard on Jan. 24, 2009. He is missing from the West Chester (Cincinnati area) near LeSourdsville-West Chester Rd and Hamilton-Mason Road. He lives in Dayton, so may be trying to go home.

If you see him, or think you have seen him, please call us asap at 513-374-0559 or call Chris at 513-779-6936

Sebastian has been lost in the Columbus, OH area since Nov. 18, 2008. He was staying with a relative, while his owner had leg surgery, and he bolted out a door. He was last seen near the corner of Welch and South High. He is very small and skittish. If seen, do not chase him. Instead, contact PSSR at 513-374-0559, or JR at 614-306-0986, or at 614-551-3293, or eugenewestjr76@yahoo.com (Note: this is not a puppy picture. He is very small.)

Lost Sheltie Mix

On 07/27/08, Copper was visiting in Trotwood, Ohio (west of Dayton) when he pulled out of his collar and took off running. He is microchipped with Home Again and is deeply missed by his family who live in Cincinnati. If you see Copper, please contact PSSR or call his family 513-492-7363 or cell # 513-227-0592 or email mizhope@zoomtown.com

On January 16th, 2008, Corky disappeared out of his yard on Wendleton Lane in Bevercreek, OH. His Dad was right there talking to a neighbor. One second he was there, the next second he was gone. Corky is a 3-4 years old and is a smaller sable and white male and half of his face is white. There have been many sightings of him, but we can't get there fast enough. If seen, please contact PSSR or call Pam at 513-374-0558

Bailey is a un-neutered male, who bolted out of his house and into the woods. He has been missing from Middletown, OH since June 22nd. If seen, please contact us at PSSR or contact his Mom at 513-422-1264 or redbarron1967@yahoo.com

Mya is a therapy dog that was last seen in South Foley, Alabama. She was stolen by someone in a black SUV with Tennessee plates and a Stone Mountian GA tag holder. Mya is dark brown and white, 14 inches tall, about 15 lbs, and 1˝ years old. She is microchipped with an AVID chip. There is a $1000 reward for her return. Please call Emily at 251-943-8393, 251-943-6481, or 251-213-6133, or email emszoo@gulftel.com.

Simba was lost in the Toledo area. He is a 3 year old sable and white. If seen, please contact PSSR or Nicole at 419-870-2285 or email her ar nicole_apodaca124@hotmail.com.

Otis has been missing in Columbus (Reynoldsburg) since March 6, 2007. He is 9 years old and needs meds. If you have seen him, please contact PSSR or his owner at 614-746-2764 or at p-oates@sbcglobal.net

These two shelties (Tennessee the tri-color and Titan the sable & white) strayed away from their home in Huber Heights (Dayton) Ohio on January 20, 2007. They were last seen near I-70 and Rt. 202. Please do not try to catch them as they are running from everyone who has tried to catch them. Instead, please contact PSSR immediately at 513-336-0559 or 513-374-0559 as we have the humane traps just waiting to catch them.

Annie has been missing since 12/23/06 from a southern Ohio town called Scottown (near Huntington, WV). One of Annie's ears has a small slit on top. If seen, please contact PSSR or Vickie at retrodad1@peoplepc.com or by calling 740-643-2058.

Ellie was lost in September of 2006 in White Plains, Kentucky. She is 3 years old and is microchipped. If you know where Ellie is, please contact us at PSSR or her owner, Nicole, at sheltielvr@vci.net or call 270-836-6451.

White feet, white tip of tail, white chin, a little white on face on snip of nose and forehead
Approx. 14.5-15.0" at shoulder
Micro-chipped & tattooed on innner thigh
He still has front dewclaws, the breeder had not removed them
$1000.00 reward
847-658-875 or 847-658-7711

Blaze is sable and white, 4 yrs old, about 17" and 30-35 lbs, an un-neutered male (she plans to change that as soon as she gets him back), with a partial thin white collar on one side and a white triangle on the muzzle, with prick ears. When he disappeared, he was wearing a collar with name and phone number on it. Lost in the Carmel, OH area Nov. 10th, 2006. Contact Cindy at (937) 466-2461 or Precious Secrets Sheltie Rescue at 513-336-0559.

Roddie was left outside when his owners were not home and disappeared out of his yard in London, OH in November 2006. If you have any info about Roddie, please contact PSSR or Dean & Jennifer Moshier at 740-845-0678

When Brooke's owner passed away, she was instantly adopted by her daughter. Brooke had only been with her a few months when she escaped out of a friends yard in Montogmery County, OH on nov. 3, 2006. If you have seen Brooke, please contact PSSR at 513-336-0559 or Deb at 937-231-3644.

Libby has been missing from the Wickliffe, Ohio area since 8/14/06. She is a 3 year old female who slipped out of her collar at her Vets office. If seen, please contact PSSR or Brenda at 440-209-9246 or at roski2@comcost.net.

Beau has been missing since May 9th, 2006 when he disappeared out of his fenced yard in Norwood. He is very dark sable and white. He was wearing a collar with his owner’s info and a Precious Secrets Sheltie Rescue Tag. He was possibly spotted near Fenwick Park(near Cincinati Gardens) the weekend of May 20th. If seen, please call PSSR at 513-336-0559.

Baily has been missing since March 19th, 2006 from Lawrenceville, IL. He is 9 years old, oversize and recently diagnosed with cancer. If seen, please contact PSSR and Bobbi Metheny at 618-943-3318. There is a very nice reward for his safe return.

Griffey is a male sable and white sheltie. He weighs approximately 22 pounds, he has no tags because he slipped his collar, but he is wearing a tan flea collar. He is very shy, but extremely sweet. Griffey escaped from a boarding kennel on December 26, 2005, and was last seen running east on Bethel Church Rd near Kothe Rd in Manchester, MI. He also may have been with a woman at the horse auction in Manchester on 1/1/06. Griffey is terribly missed, and his owner is desperate to find him. Please call 201-314-0407 ASAP with any information. REWARD!!!

Male - Sable/White
Missing from the Dayton/Springfield area
Lost on Monday 4/11/05
If seen please call PSSR at 513-336-0559

Tri-color female
Last seen in mid-October 2004
Cincinnati, OH (Eastgate area)
Clough Pike and Eight Mile Road

Blue Merle Male
St. Leon, Indiana
600 West & 250 South

Bailey was lost in St. Leon, IN while visiting another couple around October 16, 2004. Bailey is 6 years old, bashful around new people, and has very distinguishing marks. Bailey is a blue merle sheltie and has a blue spot in his left eye (along the bottom and medial corner). Bailey also went through a very traumatic event as a puppy, leaving him with scars on the right foreleg (healed fractures in the right radial/ulnar bones and in the right elbow region as well). Reward from owner.

Sable & White Male
Last seen November 1, 2004
Lapel/Anderson, Indiana
600 West & 250 South Roads

Bi-Black Female
August 30, 2004
Henry County, Kentucky

Tri-Color Male
Last seen November 29, 2002
Upper Arlington, Ohio (Columbus)
Coach Road


Get posters up ASAP. The posters should not be any smaller than 14 x 18 (we use neon poster board and cut it in half). Everything must be in BOLD-WIDE lettering so people can read them as they drive by. The fewer the words the better. This way people can actually read them from a distance (see below) and call from their cell phone. If people have to get out of their cars and walk up to a sign to read it, they will rarely do this, so you are totally wasting your time and money if you make them on standard 8.5 X 11 paper. We have tracked down countless dogs and it is usually these HUGE signs that bring home the dog.



"Little Lassie"

State the color of the dog (ex: gray, white and black)


(list two numbers where someone will answer the phone 24/7)

Note: Plaster the area where the dog disappeared with posters...at least a 4 mile radius the first day. Go further out each day.

Do NOT post the dogs picture or name. One person did and never got her dog back. Someone had found her dog and ran an ad in the paper. When the owner called the person who found the dog, she was told a man had just claimed the dog. It was later learned that this man cut the picture out of the poster and showed it to the lady. She thought she found the owner since he showed her a picture of the dog.

The entire time the dog is missing, post signs (with the dog's picture) on your cars with all the info. Get your friends and family to do the same. The more people who are aware that a loving pet is lost, the better chance the dog will be found.

Make up average size flyers (8.5 X 11) and post them anywhere people will see them: grocery stores, gas stations, convenient marts, drive through restaurant speakers (don't ask to do this, they will probably tell you no - just do it), etc. Be sure to give one to all Vets in the area (including any night time Emergency Vets), UPS drivers, postal workers, school bus drivers, construction workers, churches, schools, etc.

Call the local police departments and make a lost dog report. Also, contact any rescue groups in the area. Rescue groups usually belong to many Internet dog lists and can get the news out to countless rescue people. Some rescues, like us, have humane traps available to use.

Make up small business type cards with the missing dog info on them. Give one to everyone on the street walking, jogging, etc. If there is a dog park nearby, be sure to see the people there. They are already dog lovers and more likely to help.

Get an ad in the major newspaper ASAP. Not just the local paper. People pick up stray dogs all the time, take them home and then try to find the owners. Maybe they do not live in your area. Since it takes 24 hours to get it in the paper, you need to do this right away. Every second counts.

Go to your local humane societies at least every three days. Be sure to ask them to see the injured dogs that are being housed elsewhere. Also, be sure to place a written lost report with them. Do NOT expect them to call you if the dog shows up there. They take hundreds of lost reports a week and are simply too busy to help return your lost dog. YOU must go there. (Note: Most shelters only have to hold an animal 72 hours, that is only three days, before they can kill them or adopt them out).

If you adopted your dog from a rescue organization, be sure to contact them. They may have people available to come help put up signs, help search, etc. If the dog is microchipped, contact the microchip company and report the dog missing. Also make sure the dog is actually registered and that the information is correct.

List your lost dogs on the following websites: www.Petfinder.com and www.PetFBI.com.

If anyone contacts you and says they are from "XYZ Company" and they can contact all these Vets, etc. for $$$, hang up on them. They are scammers. There is definitely one guy out there who calls and tells owners he is with Petfinder. If you read Petfinder's info, it tells you they do not have anyone who does this. If you don't believe us, contact them when he calls you. Trust us. These "thieves" are taking advantage of people when their hearts are hurting. There are people out there who will help you for free - just like us - because we love animals.

Respond to ANY call you receive. Even if you think the dog could not get that far or it doesn't sound too much like the dog - go anyway. Call on any possible dog listed in the paper as "found."

One of the hardest phone calls to make is to the road crew department. Although we all pray our dog is not hit and killed by a vehicle, it happens. If it does, you do want to know. The not knowing where your pet is will be worse than not knowing.

Dogs usually run until they find a "safe zone" and stop. They will remain in that area, until something spooks them and they take off again. When you get a call that your dog may have been seen, be sure to get the caller's name and phone number. You may need to call them back. Also, be sure to get the exact address where the dog was seen and the exact time. Once dogs find their "safe zone," they usually do the same routine, at the same time of day, every day. We have trapped many dogs by knowing the pattern they had been taking.

If you get a call that your dog was seen near woods, do NOT go into the woods looking for him. This will only spook the dog and he will probably leave the area; maybe traveling many miles away. Instead, put posters in that area and wait for your dog to come out of hiding and more phone calls to come in. After this, your best thing to do is sit and watch the spot where he was seen for him to come back. They usually return to where they have been before.

If you are lucky and spot your missing dog, please do not expect your dog to come to you when he/she sees you. Most dogs will turn and run the other way. Once they are in "flight mode," they forget everything and everybody - including their loving owner. Dogs travel fast when they are scared, so do NOT chase them. It is okay to follow them from a distance, but do not chase them. We were in hot pursuit once and the dog traveled two miles in only 30 minutes, crossing two major four lane roads.

If you dog is seen and does seem interested in you, do NOT go towards the dog. Instead, sit down on the ground and calmly call him/her. Do NOT make eye contact with him/her. If this does not work, pretend to cry loudly. This usually brings them in. If it does, do not make a move for the dog until he/she is 200% in reach of you. This trick will usually only work once. After that, the dog will be on the run again. He/she may bite you, so be prepared NOT to let go, not matter how much it hurts.

If a humane trap has been set, make sure someone is able to check the trap at least every three hours. If the dog gets trapped, do NOT open the trap until the trap has been taken inside a closed garage or home.

FYI - One dog we helped look for had been living in a guy's barn for three months when learned about our missing Sheltie. Six months to the day, "Knight" was finally reunited with his family.


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