Adopted to date:
13 Precious Shelties in 1999
56 Precious Shelties in 2000
87 Precious Shelties in 2001
90 Precious Shelties in 2002
126 Precious Shelties in 2003
101 Precious Shelties in 2004
100 Precious Shelties in 2005
73 Precious Shelties in 2006
74 Precious Shelties in 2007
71 Precious Shelties in 2008
54 Precious Shelties in 2009
53 Precious Shelties in 2010
42 Precious Shelties in 2011
25 Precious Shelties in 2012
18 Precious Shelties in 2013

All dogs available for adoption are shown BY APPOINTMENT ONLY after receipt of your completed application.

The current available Shelties are pictured below.

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When we started PSSR in 1998, we always knew the day would come when we would have to take down our shingle and close our doors. Sadly, that day has come. After saving 1,027 shelties, we can no longer take in any more dogs due to our own health issues. Sadly, we still have several dogs here who still need forever homes. Even sadder, they are the ones no one wants; the older ones and the ones with medical or behavioral issues. If you truly have a heart for the homeless, especially the seniors, please take a look at the dogs who have been left behind. They truly would love to live in your home and get the TLC they so deserve.

To those who have financially supported PSSR, please do not stop. As we all know, the medical needs of older dogs is greater than the youngsters. Without financial support, we will not be able to continue to care for these furkids like they need. Food, treats and daily care cost a lot, but their senior veterinary bills are outrageous.

Heidi was surrendered to us on 03/01/14 when her owner was unable to care for her and many others. Heidi (DOB about 04/01/04) is playful and can be a spunky girl. She is a cuddler and demands all your attention. She gets along with other dogs and even like cats. Since she likes to patrol the yard, she does require a fenced yard. Could this senior be the one to complete your family?

NOTE: Heidi is currently being foster in the Dayton area.


When Prince arrived into our rescue in 2013, one glance at him and we knew he would never be adopted.  Prince arrived overweight, could hardly walk due to weakness in his rear and with horrible skin issues.  Many trips to the vet, including the dermatologist, have diagnosed a lot of health issues.  Sadly, the weakness in his rear has continued (most of the time needing help to just stand) and skin issues continue to reoccur.  Thankfully, we have a wonderful foster Mom who is willing to love him and gives him all the TLC he needs.  His meds are expensive, but just look at the smile on his face.  That smile says it all!  He is a very happy boy where he is and will remain with his foster Mom forever.  If you would like to donate to Prince’s care, it would be deeply appreciated.


Precious and Secret
Precious and Secret were rescued from a shelter on 12/06/12 where they were deemed unadoptable due to being totally unsocialized.  If we had not rescued them, they would have been euthanized. These sisters (DOB April 2012) are looking for a home with a dog savvy owner(s) where they can be adopted together. They are absolutely crazy about each other and do require a fenced yard where they love to romp and play outside.  Due to their shyness (more Secret than Precious), and still being effected by loud noises, they would not be happy in a home with small children.  They could blossom with older teenagers who are willing to work with these precious souls.  Precious has come out of her shyness more than Secret and loves to sit on the couch and watch tv.  Secret likes a quieter place behind the couch, but will come out when the house is quiet.  Adopting dogs like these two will not be an overnight success, but so rewarding to watch them turn into a loving members of a family.


Izzy was a stray to a county shelter. When she was not claimed by her owners, we took her into our rescue on 12/30/11.  Izzy is a smaller, sable merle sheltie with an estimated DOB of 01/2004.  After arriving at our rescue, Izzy was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and will need some special medical care and special food the rest of her life. As a senior, she is starting to have vision problems.  Because of this, she is protective about "her space", so she will not do well with an active dog or young children.  She is a very loving dog who sleeps a lot (may be older than the vets think), but when awake will follow you around the house and be your shadow.  Could Izzy share your couch with you? 


Shelby was a stray to a kill shelter in northern Ohio. When her owners never came to claim her, we took her into our rescue 11/07/11.  Shelby arrived obese, weighing 60 pounds, but is now an average size sheltie who  weighs 25 pounds.  As a senior, estimated DOB of 11/2001, she is a little arthritic.  Since we do not like giving pain meds for this condition, she is being treated and on meds, from our holistic vet.  She is doing great with this treatment and a happy girl.  Shelby loves everybody and will be your shadow.  Shelby would be a perfect companion for a senior home who needs a best friend.  Could Shelby be the one to make your family complete?


Niecy was rescued from the Amish puppy mills on 05/12/10.  At that time, the vets guessed her to be about 9 years old, giving her a birth date of 05/2001.  Sadly, she arrived with very bad teeth and had to have them all pulled.  Don't worry, she does not have a problem eating.  This is her favorite time of the day.  Niecy is a shy girl and needs someone willing to work with her.  Once she is picked up, she becomes a cuddler.  She gets along with dogs and cats and would not mind having a fur friend to live with.  Could Niecy be the one you are looking for to cuddle with you on the couch?


Calvin was surrendered to us on 01/30/10 by his breeder when they no longer wanted to breed him. Sadly, this handsome man lived outside his entire life and never got any human contact. Therefore, he is scared to death of people until he gets to know them. He has bonded very well with several of our volunteers, but due to their home situations he would not be a good match to be adopted into their home.  Calvin’s DOB is 05/18/05 and he is looking for a home with a very dog savvy owner who is willing to work with him. He has had little contact with other dogs, but does better with bigger dogs than dogs his own size or smaller.  He would be happy being the only dog in your life and getting all your attention.  He definitely requires a fenced yard and a home without young children. Are you that special person Calvin has been waiting for?

0-1 years - $325.00
1-7 years - $250.00
8 and over - $150.00

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